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42 Inch Smart TV

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42 inch smart tv

How to clean the screen of the smart TV?

1. Turn off the power: Be sure to clean the LCD screen with the power off and cooling. After cleaning with wet paper in the boot state, the watermark is easy to appear on the LCD screen.

2. it is best not to use a soft cloth (such as glasses cloth) or paper towels to wipe the LCD screen, for the soft LCD screen, their surface is still too rough, it is easy to scratch the delicate LCD screen.

3. In theory, there is no problem in cleaning the screen with water. However, it is necessary to wring the cloth with water and use it. It is a bit wet. Otherwise, the excess water will easily flow into the gap of the display frame during wiping, which may cause The color of the screen is not uniform, that is, the flower screen.

4. 42 inch smart tv Do not use alcohol and other chemical solvents to clean the LCD screen, because the current LCD screen is coated with a special coating on the screen to make the screen have a better display effect. Once the monitor screen is wiped with alcohol, it will dissolve. This special coating has an adverse effect on the display. It is even more undesirable to use chemical solvents. This chemical is a devastating blow to the "arrogant" LCD panel.

5. you can use the special wiper for LCD to spray a proper amount of non-ionized water, so that the wipe is slightly moist, and then wipe it, so that the stain can be traced without scratching or scratching your LCD screen. 42 inch smart tv Because the special liquid crystal wiping cloth is made of special fiber, it has much better than the general high-grade glasses cloth, the wiping effect, and the softness does not scratch the screen, and also has the unique function of dissipating static electricity.

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